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wp meetup on 4/21/2014

I enjoyed the presentation by Bob Dunn
User: Membership Site Lessons - Challenges and Insights.

One reason I liked it was because of his relaxed, personal style.  He is a regular guy trying to make a living with his membership site.  He explained some of the trials and tribulations of building and managing a membership site using WordPress.

One thing I found interesting was that he didn't touch the code (except maybe a little css, now and then).  It seemed to be the room's consensus that "users" of WordPress do not usually touch the code.

When I recently discovered the wonders of WordPress I immediately jumped into the underground machinery that makes it all work.  I can't help myself.  It's vast and more complex than I first imagined.  I thought I could just draw up some flow charts and such to understand how it all works.

It's interesting that the Portland Meetup consists of two groups:  users and developers.  I like both groups.  I can understand why the users may not want to go to a programmers' meeting.  I consider myelf both a user and a developer.  This distinction reminds me of the distinction between designer and developer.  Where does one end and the other begin?  There is no clear boundary.

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