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[button align="center" color="black" link="#"]shortcode button[/button]

3 columns
Column One - Add anything you want here
Column Two - Add anything you want here
Column Three - Add anything you want here

[tab title="Tab 1" id="t1"]Tab 1 content[/tab]
[tab title="Tab 2" id="t2"]Tab 2 content[/tab]
[tab title="Tab 3" id="t3"]Tab 3 content[/tab]

[toggle title="Button text One"]
Toggle Content One
[toggle title="Button Text Two"]
Toggle Content Two
[toggle title="Button Text Three"]
Toggle Content Three

[callout align="center" width="400px"]
This is a 400px centered callout box

[callout align="left" width="200px"]
This is a 200px left aligned callout box

[callout align="right" width="50%" title="My Title"]
This is a 50% right aligned callout box with title

This is a callout that will expand the entire width of its parent container.

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