Review of The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku

five stars *****
Congratulations to Michio Kaku for giving us a beautiful description of our newly forming ideas about what the mind is and will be, and, more than that, a view of a world a bit larger than our previous vision. This book, written by a physics guy, gives a good perspective on material and mind.
Notice that the title is not The Future of the Brain, but of the mind.

What is the mind other than a bunch of patterns upon patterns? Can we separate the patterns out and reproduce them elsewhere, for example, on a computer? So, the “mind” is not confined to the brain. It’s all about information. There are some who see the whole world as information. Can we upload “you” into a computer of some sort, perhaps a quantum computer? Ray Kurzweil also has spoken about this possibility throughout his books. They both lean towards optimism. Intelligence spreading across the universe.

If you can upload yourself into a computer, what then? Kaku discusses the possibility that “you” might get bored being de-sensitized and might need to inhabit a body once in a while. Or, I guess you could inhabit the body of a robot.

Kaku covers a wide range of topics dealing with the mind. For example, our ability to control computers merely by our thoughts. (telepathy) I remember seeing a lady on Sixty Minutes controlling a robotic arm by her thoughts. He also talks about Telekinesis, mind controlling matter.