BS in Computer Science, (magna cum laude), 1990

In the beginning, the World Wide Web came into being …


Focussed on Java in 1996 which was incorporated into Netscape Navigator.


1996 to 1997 – Got a job in Nashville with Sircle Software, programming in Prograph, a visual language.


1997 – Sircle Software came to an end.

1997 – built Java Tutorial website and started company:

1997 – got first contract job as a Java Software Engineer in Florida for Protel.

1998 to 2000 – contract Java job at Nortel in Nashville.
Converted jhtml pages to jsp. Wrote Java servlets. Worked with Oracle database. Worked on a Java document search and retrieval application called Helmsman that runs on five OS’s (Sun Solaris, HP UNIX, Windows 95, Windows NT and Power Mac). It is used on five continents.
Wrote servlet for creating graphical statistical charts.
Rebuilt Helmsman application on the Mac using the object-oriented Prograph language.
Helped design and implement Helmsman Client Team web site.

2000 to 2001 – GE GLOBAL EXCHANGE SERVICES, Brentwood, TN
Java developer for EDI internet applications. System Administrator for Sun Solaris servers.
Set up developers’ sand boxes on Sun boxes.
Set up iPlanet and Netscape web servers.
Wrote Java modules for EDI Internet application.
Wrote Java version of cgi credit card validation application.
Converted Perl cgi scripts to Java.

2001 to 2003 – SPRINT PCS, Nashville, TN
Java developer, analyst, and troubleshooter.
Designed and built GUI prototypes for Clearview, an internet mapping program using custom tags, etc.
Wrote EJB’s for BT’s (Business Transactions).
Key developer on PabSync project for synchronizing address books over TCP/IP. Developed code for accessing and writing to an LDAP server. Worked with Oracle 8i database, including lookups and inserts.
Analyzed and reported on various utilities and coding standards. Produced a list of coding standard rules.

2003 to 2004 – GLOBAL EXCHANGE SERVICES, Brentwood, TN
Java developer, analyst, and troubleshooter.
Developed various aspects of the Global Product Catalogue and the Global Data Sychronization Network.
Worked on csv, xml, and EZ file formats for uploading and downloading data to the database.
Developed jsp web pages and custom tags using an MVC architecture.

2005 to 2006 – TRANE INC., Clarksville, TN
Java developer, analyst, and troubleshooter.
Developed and improved various aspects of e-Library, a Documentum based internet application.
Re-wrote Single SignOn (SSO) Java code.
Supported, maintained and fixed production code.

2007 to present –, Wilsonville, OR — changed my company name from mindtools to is a member of the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Web site hosting and development.
Developed and designed web sites using WordPress, html5, css3, javascript, and Flash.

2. Business Network Group of Northeastern Pennsylvania (2011)
3. Bikes for Humanity PDX
4. Sheila Derry, QuickBooks ProAdvisor


Six Sigma Green Belt course plus Green Belt project completed successfully
Koala-T – a course on Quality Management
Web Application Development course
Enterprise Java Beans course
Java University: Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Optimizing Java Code
Team Building course
Volunteer at WordCamp PDX, 2015
Participated at a couple of WordPress volunteer days in Portland.



Sun Certified Java Programmer (1997)
Sun Certified Java Developer (2002)
Sun Certified Web Component Developer (2003)
A+ Certified