iRobot Roomba – who is whose robot?

The iRoomba goes off it’s merry way precisely at 11AM.  I hear it in my office.  I feel a little guilty.  You see, I need to go clean its little brushes and dump its previous days garbage collection.  (I could just ignore it.  It’ll continue on its merry way until it coughs up a cat toy or wrap a wire into its guts.  If that happens it will call out in desperation.  Help!  I’m stuck on something.  You’ll need to come and fix the problem.  Beep,  beep!)

It will then go to sleep.   Now I could just continue on my merry path programming this, looking up that.  (Or I could go help the iRoomba in its minute of need.)

But:  don’t get me wrong!  I like my little robot.  It is a valued member of the family.  It does a great job picking up dog and cat hairs.  We co-operate.  It crawls under the bed and I remove the hairs and dirt it picks up.