WordPress is not your grandpaw’s blogging tool. It scales.  It gives structure to web sites.  It is not just for blogging, although that is where it came from.

There are three main levels to WordPress, the part above ground that the normal, unsubscribed, anonymous viewer will see. Secondly, there is the member area where one may create and edit posts or pages, and then there is that subterranean place where the coders live. The code is an interesting mixture of declarative and functional languages.

  • css
  • html
  • xml
  • php
  • javascript
  • mysql

This is the part below ground that developers see and manipulate.

It can be fun at any level.  Someone who doesn’t do any programming may build a beautiful web site of stories of people from around the world.  The content is center.  There are thousands of themes from which to choose.  Pour that content into a theme and produce a web site.