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A Computing Career

I got my first computer back around 1982. It was a Commodore 64 and it got me hooked on programming. Unfortunately, it was one of the defective 20% at that time, but it still allowed me to do some Basic language programming. Wow! I could actually tell the computer what to do! How awesome was that! I soon moved onto word processing and printing with a different computer. 1982 was the year IBM came out with its PC and I soon got a clone.

I then decided I wanted to become a professional programmer and started working toward my BS degree in computer science, learning Pascal, C, and Assembly language programming. While working towards my degree I got a job as a hardware, software, and network troubleshooter at a major corporation. I helped build an Apple network and became a certified "systems engineer".

The visual language, Prograph, intrigued me and I soon became a professional programmer, using Prograph, what I considered the greatest programming language. I'm a visual type of guy and I was very happy to work on Media Sweets with Shane Atkinson, a brilliant programmer/architect.

Before and after my job with Animation Solutions I was seriously studying Java, the language for the internet and small devices. Small footprint. Write once, run anywhere. I built a Java Tutorial web site. It took six months to build, but was well worth it because it landed me my first job as a Java Software Engineer.

As a Java Software Engineer I fortunately got to do a wide variety of tasks. Server administration. Build web prototypes. Sychronize MS Outlook address books with Sprint address books in the cloud. A little Perl. (Not Pearl Jam, but the scripting language.) Alot of javascripting and jsp pages. XML. CVS, Concurrent Version System. Eclipse. Dreamweaver. Flash. Photoshop. Fireworks. Powerpoint.

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